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With a Masters degree in Instrumental pedagogy as well as a Bachelor degree in jazz drumming, I offer high quality drumming lessons, with the main objective led by the pupil’s pleasure to learn. A personalised programme, with lessons adapted to each pupil, allows me to build high quality learning for everyone. Lessons are inspired, among others, by Edgar Willems’ pedagogy principles which seek to develop the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic senses, allowing the pupil to tackle music in all its aspects and the musician to have a well-rounded education. This pedagogy presents the advantage of being particularly approachable to younger pupils.


Lessons are offered to all pupils, from age 4, in a dedicated studio equipped with professional equipment, enabling ideal conditions for learning.



  • 30 minutes: 595.- per semester (17 lessons)
    or 119.- per month (5 month/semester)

  • 45 minutes: 890.- per semester (17 lessons) 
    or 180.- per month (5 month/semester)

  • 60 minutes: 1’190.- per semester (17 lessons)
    or 240.- per month (5 month/semester)

  • Customisable lessons:  on demand

Free trial lesson!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Payment is due at the beginning of each month or each semester by bank transfer. You can start lessons at any point of the month or the year.

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