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Following his competitive entrance examination for the pre-professional class at Ejma, Mirko was offered to take the entrance examination for HEMU Jazz (Haute école de musique, Lausanne). This was the start of his Bachelor degree in 2013-2014. During his studies, he had the opportunity to study with professors including Emil Spanyi, Bänz Oester and Dado Moroni, who were a great source of learning to Mirko.

Mirko Maio is an Italian pianist who was born in Switzerland in 1995. He began learning the piano age 10, first taking private lessons in Echallens, where he grew up. He began by studying classical music, then after a few years learned jazz, deciding to pursue this at the Ejma school in Lausanne. He had the opportunity to play, among others, in one of Charles Schneider’s workshops. 


He also met musicians with whom he founded several bands, such as his trio “OddWoods”, for which he is the lead musician and composer, and the piano/drum duo, for which he composes and arranges pieces.


He has been the keyboard player for 2 years in guitarist Max Harvey’s band. Currently, Mirko is finishing his Masters degree in Interpretation and Composition and is writing for his new band, composed of nine musicians.


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